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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing GS Steering Wheel


MOZA Racing GS Steering Wheel

Push It to the Limit


  • Alcantara®
  • Forged Carbon Fibre Framework & Shifter Paddle
  • Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles
  • 10 Luminous Programmable Mechanical Keyboards Buttons
  • Customized Quick Release
  • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator

Please note: Moza wheels are only compatible with Moza Racing Direct Drive units.

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MOZA Racing GS Steering Wheel

Push It to the Limit


300mm GT Wheel, Built for E-sports
The GS is MOZA’s E-sports-ready, GT-style wheel. A full-featured, 300mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion, and no compromises.


Alcantara® Made In Italy
With carefully selected Alcantara imported from Italy, the GS grips have a truly premium feel, similar to real-life supercars.


Forged Carbon Fiber Frame and Paddles
Featuring a sturdy frame made of 5mm high-strength forged carbon fibre, enjoy a weighty feel and trusted reliability.


Dual Clutch System with Magnetic Shifters
The GS magnetic carbon paddles have a powerful weight to them, ensuring every shift feels satisfying. The lower clutch paddles are easily toggled between a single clutch or dual-clutch mode, typically used in professional sim racing titles such as iRacing and the F1 series.


Customized Quick Release
MOZA’s quick release system ensures a seamless wheel transition in seconds. Enjoy a stable, solid connection that works across the whole MOZA ecosystem


10 Programmable Backlit Mechanical Keys
The GS sports 10 programmable mechanical keys, with a satisfying click to ensure you feel every change. The keys can also be customized in the MOZA Pit House App, with a choice of 8 different colours.


Customizable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator
With 10 high-brightness RGB LEDs, enjoy the ability to customize your RPM or shift indicators with 7 different colour choices, allowing for a unique touch to your racing setup.


Optimized, Ergonomical Design
A comfortable but firm grip gives the GS a true-to-life GT feel. Even in the face of MOZA’s R21 torque, a driver has quick access to all adjustments they need to make in the heat of battle, with carefully placed joysticks, buttons and switches.


On-the-fly car adjustments are faster than ever with access to the thumb knobs and band switches. Make rapid changes to brake bias, traction control, engine maps, ABS and much more. The two joysticks allow for full menu navigation, meaning you can keep your hands on the wheel and never miss a beat.


Please note: Moza wheels are only compatible with Moza Racing Direct Drive units.


Trusted and Handled by Experienced Drivers
MOZA prides itself on developing cutting-edge sim racing products that will go the distance. With extensive consultation from professional racing engineers, drivers, and sim-racers throughout the R&D process, we are confident our products deliver a high-quality sim racing experience.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 364.0 × 415.1 × 256.5 cm


Wheel Material – Alcantara® made in Italy
Frame and Front Plate Material – Forged Carbon Fibre
Paddle Module – 3 mm-thick, Forged Carbon Fibre
Size – 300mm Diameter Standard Racing Wheel
Magnetic Paddle – 2
Dual Clutch Paddles – 2
Luminous Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps – 10
Band Knob – 5
Thumb Knob(compressible) – 2
Joysticks – 2
LED Lamp Beads RGB – 10
LED Color – 7 Define Custom Colors
Intelligent Telemetry – Support
Set Up The Lights Through The MOZA Pit House – Support
knock-down (K/D) construction – Quick Release
Power Supply – Wireless
Transmission Mode – Wireless
Paddle Sensor – Non-contact Photoelectric Sensor
Dual Clutch Paddle Mode – Synthesis Axis/Independent Axis/button