Thinking of ordering from a non UK or other EU Website? Please make sure you check that they are displaying prices with VAT & Import charges as these will be due on delivery 

Thinking of ordering from a non UK or other EU Website?
Please make sure you check that they are displaying prices with VAT & Import charges as these will be due on delivery 

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T1000 7M



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The T1000 7M simulator was designed and manufactured in France to meet the requirements of professional drivers for their training.

The T1000 7M  has 6 completely innovative degrees of freedom (6 DOF): it also simulates oversteer and understeer to meet the demands of drivers, to be as close as possible to real driving.

On the market there are traditional 6 DOF simulators (commonly referred to as the Stewart / Hexapod platform) which are fine for airplane piloting, but not suitable for car driving because they do not properly imitate oversteer and understeer (rear and front traction loss).

The T1000 7M has been designed for automotive simulation and airplane simulation, it can also be used for truck simulation, training or leisure centers (more than 100 compatible games) as well as for research and development.

Actuator Selection

Choice of actuators according to your main use


In car simulation, speed and acceleration are needed to give you impact when braking and accelerating. With 280mm/s and 2G of acceleration, our simulator will give you the best sensation on the market.

With 44 movements/second, our PRS200 ProSimu actuators allow you to feel the effects of the road and the vibrations in a much more striking and realistic way than a traditional hexapod. The 44 movements/second are only possible by using our high end servo drives fitted to the PRS200 actuators with a high speed CanBus communication (10Mbit/s ISO 11898).  The actuators equipped with servo-drives with a Modbus type communication (115 Kbit/s with maximum of 5 movements/second) have a lot of latency, meaning the immersion will be lessened and the effects/vibrations of the road less realistic.

Some platforms equipped with a geared motor (with lots of gears and cogwheels) will have an even higher latency, so less reactivity and will give the impression of being on a boat on the sea rather than in a racing car. The low platform height (43 cm) allows for a lower centre of gravity to feel your vehicle even better.

Our simulator allows you to feel the loss of traction at the rear and front, unlike other 6 DOF simulators (Hexapod type) which are not designed for this. After three years of research and development, the patented ProSimu T7 Pro is the only 6 DOF simulator with the unique technology to allow for simulation of oversteer and understeer, with the sole objective of being as close as possible to real driving.

Whether you are a professional pilot, Gentleman driver, Sim-Racer, or just an enthusiast, the T7 Pro is the simulator for you!

Technical Specification

The T7 Pro simulator is equipped with 7 ProSimu PRS200 private use actuators (choice of 100/150/200 mm of travel), and a choice to upgrade to the PRS200R (for intensive use/professional use) for a breathtaking experience.

This dynamic chassis offers movement on 6 Axes, and a travel of up to 200mm and 2G of acceleration on each of its 7 actuators or axes.

What's Included

  • T1000 7M Chassis
  • 7x PRS200 actuators available in 100/150/200 mm travel
  • 2x Management boxes
  • Management software licence
  • Bucket seat or without seat (compulsory choice)